FAQ – Hog Roast Catering

Can you accommodate food allergies?
We can absolutely accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies! We want every guest to fully enjoy their meal. Our catering team will work with you to understand your guests specific needs.

Why hire a caterer?
The short answer is: because caterers know what they’re doing. Caterers have experience. They know how to please your guests and can even suggest great venues for you to host your event at. When looking at your price estimate, keep in mind that a caterer will save you money in the long run by providing invaluable advice and keeping everything together so that you don’t have to. Save your own sanity and hire a caterer!

Can you supply a quotation free of charge?
Of course we can! Our quotations are free, and based on the needs for your next event. Whether you need a spit roast, antipasti platter or wedding breakfast we will send a no obligation quote.

Do you cater for vegetarians?
Yes, we’re not just all about championing the best free-ranging pigs. You’ll be surprised at how tasty our vegetarian options are!

Are we stuck with a set menu?
We like to view our menus as a guide only. We pride ourselves on working with you to get the food right for you and your event rather than just trying to make our lives easy. It’s got to be about making the food just right for you and your guests!

At a smaller, hog roast only event, how much space do you need?
We only need around 3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) to set up and serve you and your guests.

What do you need to set up?
We are fully self-sufficient and don’t require any electric or water hook up. We can set them up almost anywhere (within reason, maybe not the side of a mountain) even in places that you wouldn’t even consider such as a penthouse or yacht.

What types of meal service do you offer?
We can do everything from a formal plated meal, elegant buffet, casual BBQ, family style and canapés.

Do you do private & party catering?
Yes, in addition to wedding catering, corporate catering, office catering and event catering, we absolutely love to do private catering and party catering. We offer the very best gourmet cuisine catering options, for your own private dinner in the privacy of your own home. If it’s party catering you are looking for, we do everything for you! We are here to help plan your ideal menu and help produce an experience you and your guests will long remember!

What separates us from other caterers?
We offer the unique ability to prepare extraordinary food at YOUR location! All food is prepared hot and fresh moments before eating. With us, you get excellent fresh food that hasn’t been pre-cooked and held elsewhere and transported in by held hot/cold. We are able to provide delicious food quickly and professionally to serve the masses so you can enjoy yourself.