Hog Roast Askrigg

Hog Roast AskriggEveryone comes to Yorkshire for the roasts, so when throwing an event here in Askrigg, why not give your guests one of the best roasts of all with Hog Roast Askrigg!

Weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, dinner parties, community celebrations – whatever the affair we’ll work flexible to you. We provide unique catering for all types of events with an eye on style and spectacle – with some added deliciousness too, of course! Our speciality is in roast dining, or hog roast dining, to be more specific. This is a type of pork roast that looks magnificent at events; it takes a whole pig and places it atop a spit to roast for several hours in an incredible fiery blaze. The result is not only a perfect golden pork roast, complete with crisp texturing and tender meatiness, but also an excellent show to boot!

People come to us because of this dining experience specifically. It is made for the cut and thrust of special events as it adds that something extra to the day. It’s entirely unique, and it makes for a stylish way to dine – just about all the hallmarks we at Hog Roast Askrigg look for with event dining! Once you try it we’re sure you’ll agree that this is the best and only way to dine at events, and with our high quality of locally sourced meats you’re getting a selection of dishes at an absolute premium!

Come find us for your weddings, corporate events, private parties and more in Askrigg as we deliver a dining experience done right for your most prized events in life!

Hog Roast AskriggPerfect Food Done Right In Askrigg

Hog Roast Askrigg are here to cater just for you. We want you to be able to pick the foods you love with the service you need. To that end, you will find vast selection of our special roasted meats on top of many other brilliant serving options including barbecues, al fresco dining, American roasts and more! We have plenty of veggie and vegan options too, so don’t be concerned if it sounds like it is all just meat, meat, meat!

Special events are never far away so make sure to get ahead of the crowd and hire Hog Roast Askrigg today!