Hog Roast Grassington

Hog Roast GrassingtonFor quality catering served to your event in Grassington at an affordable and flexible price, the only place to call is Hog Roast Grassington. Hog Roast Grassington is a premium event caterer specialising in fine quality meats and roasted delights suited to elevate any celebration and event. Our one-of-a-kind hog roast dining experience is a must for events; our authentic spit roast cooking style paired with our eye for style and quality ensures a spectacular dining service at your event, the kind that gets guests talking and remembering your event for some time to come. This is the kind of dining experience that the term “event dining” was made for!

Just as Grassington was transformed for the Channel 5 series “All Creatures Great and Small”, our event dining is available for all events great and small! Weddings, corporate functions, anniversary celebrations, birthdays – if there is a need for great food in great company then Hog Roast Grassington has our name on it! We can ensure top end-service for every kind of event, and we will tailor our foods and services to suit the style or size of the day without issue. Hundreds of guests in a high-class dining experience, or a more casual buffer dinner amongst 50 or so, it’s all on the menu with Hog Roast Grassington.

A Quality Range to You In Grassington

By hiring our hog roast you are receiving the very best of a 20+ year journey to perfecting the best in all of catered and roast dining. Our top team of elite chefs put every ounce of love and care into freshly preparing and slow roasting your fine quality pork on our advanced tech spit roaster until it is positively falling off the bone and teeming with extravagant flavour and wonderfully charred texture.Hog Roast Grassington

Our hog roast is of course a favourite, but we also serve up a wonderful slate of quality meat dishes, vegan foods, vegetarian and even gluten-free items. Our catering packages come in many shapes and sizes to fit the needs of every type of occasion. By calling today you’ll be able to craft a bespoke dining service of any type, and for any tastes to suit your event.

So call today and enjoy the best in event dining with Hog Roast Grassington at your next celebration!