Hog Roast Thirsk

Just out of view of Thirsk is where you would find Downton Abbey if it were a real manor, and when it comes to throwing lavish dinners and great big parties with plenty of food there are few better to look to than the Crawley’s at Downton. While the site might not really be there while you’re in Thirsk you can still live that party going aristocratic life with the event catered services of Hog Roast Thirsk. Yes, our authentically made hog roast is a spectacle of dining unto itself, one that most certainly wouldn’t look amiss at a Downton dining event, and certainly won’t either at your next event in Thirsk.Hog Roast Thirsk

The best part? You don’t even need to be as rich as the Crawley’s to afford it either as Hog Roast Thirsk brings premium dining at a price the downstairs staff could afford!

Our hog roast services make us the most unique caterer in the UK as we provide a dining experience quite like no other to events all around the nation. From corporate functions, to weddings, community functions, festivals, anniversaries, social club nights and so much more, Hog Roast Thirsk is delivering premium roast dining with affordability. We’ve refined the classic spit roaster to stand level with our modern standards as our mobile Hog Roasters offer up the brilliance of the fiery slow cook method together with the excellent spectacle of its meat charring display. This is not your easy-done oven roast cooking; we put every ounce of time and effort into doing things right – and the result is all the more worth the wait!

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Hog Roast ThirskOur services are hugely popular, so be sure to get in quick. A quick call to Hog Roast Thirsk could see your next event served up with a fine hog roast along with a full complement delicious meaty sides, veggie variants, vegan finger pickings, gluten-free subs and more! We tailor our services to match your style, so whether you want sophisticated set course dining or an all-out buffet feast we’ll deliver no problem. This is catered dining the way it should be done here with Hog Roast Thirsk!

So, get in while you can – call Hog Roast Thirsk today!