Hog Roast Wetherby

Hog Roast WetherbyThere is plenty of historic value and see-to-do in Wetherby, and you can add similar to your events here in town with the traditional dining of Hog Roast Wetherby too!

Whatever your needs, when it comes to food you simply must have Hog Roast Wetherby. We work to you – by catering to any variable style or size of event Hog Roast Wetherby ensures that it remains as the number one caterer in the country. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate function, birthday, festival, or more, our guests always leave with a satisfied stomach and a happy smile.

What sets us apart from other caterers is our unique speciality in meat grilling and hog roasting – a traditional cooking style that is as brilliant in tastes as it is in spectacle. The hog roast is a full-on dining experience that has endured at events for centuries all around the world. Not only is Yorkshire the home of the roast, but it is home to so much history, and our hog roast aims to straddle both of those. That is why we provide this pork roast in its authentic cooking style fresh at your event. Our meat is prepared fresh and is carefully tended to for hours, slowly roasting on our magnificent mobile hog roast until its flavour and texture is exactly perfect for serving to your event. It makes for an incredible display at your event and also a novel dining experience as guests can be served more or less straight from the spit to their plate!

Hog Roast WetherbyTraditional Dining Made Modern In Wetherby

With all manner of meats, salads, canapes, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free choices available we’re confident you’ll find the right flavour combination to suit your event. Our hog roast is the star of the show always, but no plate would be complete without all the extra trimmings! Our friendly staff are more than capable of offering their expert recommendations to help you build up a feast suited to you and your guests. What’s more, our services won’t break the bank as we work flexibly to your budget.

So get calling Hog Roast Wetherby today and let’s make a dining experience to love!