Hog Roast York

Hog Roast YorkWhen you think of York you think of history. A city that still exhibits its rich history all throughout, as seen in the many castle walls, great pieces of old architecture, roman artifacts, that can still all be found within the North Yorkshire cathedral city. When you think of York you also think of the roast foods, as you do for all of Yorkshire. A culinary tradition as rich as its city’s history, York is the place to come for roast foods, and Hog Roast York is the place to come for roast foods at your events.

Yes, here at Hog Roast York we provide events with the very best of the county’s roasted brilliance. Our namesake carries our ethos and our most prized dish. With the hog roast you get style, spectacle, great tastes, and of course massive quantities; these are the things that Hog Roast York aims to serve throughout our entire catered service at your events in York. We pride ourselves from remaining apart from the crowd; our foods are a novelty unto themselves and the style of our service is one that stands out for its style, flair, and genuine uniqueness. We’ll treat your event to a fresh display of the best foods around and a stylish affair that raises up your event to new levels.

The Grand Old Roast of York

Hog Roast YorkAt Hog Roast York we have reconstructed the classic fire pit spit roast to be manageable at any location. With our mobile hog roasting units the traditional hog roast is condensable to a neat and versatile package that can produce exceptional tastes on the road. Through this we are capable of providing incredible menus for all types of events: weddings, corporate functions, private parties, we have the dining for all. Our menus are carefully crafted to deliver a top end dining experience that satisfies every taste, plus with bespoke dining you can customise your menu how you like. It is your event after all, so why not enjoy the exact foods and services that you want!

Call the team at Hog Roast York today and take on the delicious experience for yourself!